The size of the football used in high school is 11 inches in length and 22 inches in circumference. This is the official size set by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

The correct size football for your age group is important for safety and enjoyment. Using a football that is too large or too small can make it difficult to catch, throw, and kick the ball. It can also lead to injuries.

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about choosing the right size football for high school. We will discuss the different sizes of footballs and their corresponding age groups. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right size football for you.

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High school football typically uses a slightly smaller football than the regulation size. The standard football size for high school is a size 9 ball, which is approximately 11 inches long and 22 inches in circumference.

Standard Football Size for High School

The typical football size for high school games is size 9. It measures 11 inches in length and 22 inches around the center. The weight is 14-15 ounces. Size 9 for all US high school football games, regardless of location or level of play.

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College Football Size

College Football Size

In college football, the size of the football is 10.5-11.5 inches in length and 27.75-28.5 inches in circumference. Ages 14 & up.

Its design aims to ensure top performance on the field. For serious college football players, having the right size ball is crucial to improving their game and standing out on the field. With college football, you can make precise passes, and strong kicks, and dominate your opponents like never before.

Youth Size Football

Youth Size Football for high school

For the best football for your child, pick the Youth size ball. It’s made for players aged 12-14 and is smaller than a high school ball. This makes it easy for young athletes to hold and throw.

The ball has a circumference of 26.5 inches and weighs 12.5 ounces, which helps with accuracy and control. If your young player is serious about the game, Youth size football is a great option to help them perform their best.

Junior Football Size

Junior Football Size

Looking for the ideal football for your young athlete? The junior-size ball is perfect for kids aged 9-12. It makes for tiny hands and measures about 25 inches long and 18.5 inches short.

It’s slightly smaller than a youth-size ball, which makes it easier for young players to handle and control. Give your child the best chance to succeed on the field with junior-size football.

Pee Wee Football Size

Pee Wee Football Size for high school football

Introducing Pee Wee football, the perfect ball for young players! Made for kids aged 6-9, it fits small hands perfectly. Size 6 measures 24″ long side and 17.5″ short side. It weighs a lightweight 10 ounces, making it easy for young players to handle.

With Pee Wee football, young athletes can focus on skill improvement without a heavy or cumbersome ball. Buy your child Pee Wee football today and watch them fall in love with the game!

Women Football Size

The football for women’s American football is the same size as for men. It’s called the “Official” size and measures 11 inches long, with a 28.5-inch circumference at its widest point. The weight is usually 14-15 ounces. This size is used in high school, college & pro leagues.

The women’s british football, or soccer ball, matches the men’s ball in size. FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) mandates that a football should measure 68 to 70cm (27-28 inches) in circumference & weigh between 410 to 450g (14-16oz) for both men & women. But, smaller footballs are produced for younger players.

Football Sizes By Age Group

Is picking the right football for your kid proving difficult? Our size chart can help. Check our guide to find a suitable football for your child. For children aged six and under, go for an 8.5-inch Mini Football made of light foam.

For ages 6 to 9, a 9.5-ounce Pee Wee football size 6 is best. For kids aged 9 to 12, choose a Junior Football size 7 weighing 11 ounces. For 12 to 14-year-olds, a Youth Football size 8 weighing 12.5 ounces is great.

And for players over 14 years old, including high school, college, and professional players, the Official Pro Ball in size 9 weighing 14 to 15 ounces is perfect. Don’t ruin your child’s experience; consult our chart for the perfect fit.

Why Correct Football Sizes Are Important?

Choosing the right football size is crucial for optimal player performance & training. A comfortable & age-appropriate football can significantly contribute to a player’s success. This is especially important for young children learning ball control & soccer skills, as using a heavy or large ball can hinder their progress and interest in the sport.

Coaches & parents should use the correct youth football sizes to create a positive and fun learning environment, ensuring the development of young players and teams & instilling a lifelong love of football.

Unsure about football size? Follow our guide:

Pro Footballs (Size 9+, Ages 14+): 11-11.25 inches long, 28-inch circumference on the long side, 21-inch circumference on the short side. Shop Pro regulation footballs.

College Footballs (Size 9, Ages 14+): 10.5-11.5 inches long, 27.75-inch circumference on the long side, 20.75-inch circumference on the short side. Shop NCAA regulation footballs.

High School Footballs (Size 9, Ages 14+): Same size as college footballs. Shop high school footballs.

Youth Footballs (Size 8, Ages 12-14): 12.5-ounce weight, 26.25-inch circumference on the long side, 19.25-inch circumference on the short side. Shop youth-sized footballs.

Junior Footballs (Size 7, Ages 9-12): 11-ounce weight, 25-inch circumference on the long side, 18.5-inch circumference on the short side. Shop junior-sized footballs.

Pee Wee Footballs (Size 6, Age 9 and below): 9.5-ounce weight, 23-inch circumference on the long side, 17.25-inch circumference on the short side. Shop pee wee footballs.

Women’s Footballs (Mid-Size, Ages 14+): Most similar in size to youth footballs. Shop women’s footballs.

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Does hand size affect football throwing?

Hand size matters for throwing footballs, especially for quarterbacks. Small hands struggle to grip well, especially in poor weather. Larger hands have better grip and performance.

Are small hands a disadvantage in catching football?

Small hands make catching footballs harder due to difficulty in getting a good grip, regardless of the weather. Longer fingers provide a better grip, making it harder to catch with small hands.

Are big hands beneficial for football?

Big hands are beneficial in football as they provide a secure grip on the ball, regardless of conditions. Big hands wrap around the ball better than small hands, keeping it in place.

What hand size is ideal in the NFL?

An ideal hand size in the NFL is around 9.5 inches handspan, measured between the thumb tip and pinky fingertip with the hand wide open.

Who has the biggest and smallest hands in the NFL?

DeForest Buckner, Gosder Cherilus, and Mo Alie-Cox have the biggest hands, with a handspan of 11.75 inches. Tayson Hill has the smallest hands in the NFL, measuring 8.75 inches, followed by Joe Burrow, Ryan Tannehill, and Jared Goff at 9 inches.

What size football do professional players use?

Professional players use size 9 footballs, slightly larger than those used in college football. The ball measures 11 – 11.2 inches in length & has a circumference of 28 inches on the long side & 21 inches on the short side.

What size football do 8th graders use?

8th graders use size 8 football, designed for players aged 12 – 14, with a circumference of 26.25 inches on the long side & 19.25 inches on the short side.

What size football do 16-year-olds use?

16-year-olds use size 9 football, slightly smaller than professional-grade balls designed for players aged 14 and up.

How does college football differ from high school football?

The difference between college and high school football is insignificant. High school players usually have full-sized hands that may not change in college.

How do high school footballs compare to NFL footballs in size?

NFL footballs are slightly larger than high school footballs by 1 to 1 ¼ inches. The length of NFL balls measures between 27.75 – 28.5 inches on the long side & 20.75 – 21.125 inches on the short side. College footballs have a circumference ranging from 20.75 inches to 21.125 inches in length.

Final Words

Hope you like our article on what size football does high school uses. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) sets the football size for high school games.

And their rules state that footballs should measure 9-11 inches in length and 18.5-20 inches in circumference. Size may vary slightly based on player age and skill. Check with your area’s coach or athletic department for specific football size guidelines.


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