Saturday December 9, 2023, two titans of Virginia high school football will clash on the gridiron as the Phoebus Phantoms (PP) and Salem Spartans (SS) battle it out for the coveted VHSL Class 4 state championship. Both Phoebus Phantoms (PP) vs Salem Spartans (SS) teams, boasting impressive records and unwavering determination, will leave it all on the field in pursuit of ultimate glory. This VHSL Class 4 State Football Championship game will played at 11:30 AM, at Liberty University’s Williams Stadium, Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Game: Ramsay vs Guntersville
Date: Decembers 9, 2023
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The Phoebus Phantoms (PP), clad in their iconic black and gold uniforms, arrive in Lynchburg with a dominant 14-0 record, building upon a rich tradition of success. Their potent offense, averaging over 40 points per game, has been a force to be reckoned with, led by a dynamic duo that strikes fear into opposing defenses.

At the helm of the offensive juggernaut is quarterback David Watford, a dual-threat maestro who possesses a cannon for an arm and the agility to escape pressure. His favorite target is the explosive wide receiver Jaquan Jones, who has consistently torched defenses with his speed and acrobatic catches.

But the Phoebus Phantoms (PP)’ success extends far beyond their aerial attack. Their ground game, fueled by the bruising running back Malik Brown, provides a balanced and effective approach. Brown’s ability to break tackles and grind out yards has been instrumental in keeping the offense moving forward.

The Phoebus defense is equally impressive, boasting a unit that has allowed an average of just 10 points per game. Led by the stout defensive line duo of Marcus Johnson and Darius Jackson, they consistently pressure opposing quarterbacks and clog running lanes.

Head coach Jeremy Blunt has instilled a culture of excellence in Phoebus, emphasizing discipline, hard work, and a commitment to winning. His leadership and strategic mind have been crucial in the Phoebus Phantoms (PP)’ undefeated run.

Facing the Phoebus Phantoms (PP) are the Salem Spartans, who have defied expectations with their impressive 13-1 record. Their relentless and disciplined approach has propelled them to the cusp of a historic Class 4 State Football Championship win.

The Salem Spartans (SS)’ offense is built around a balanced attack, featuring a strong running game and a capable passing attack. Quarterback Johnathan Smith, known for his accuracy and decision-making, leads the charge. He has a solid receiving corps at his disposal, led by the shifty and explosive Justin Harris.

On the ground, the Salem Spartans (SS) rely on the powerful running back duo of Anthony Williams and James Davis. Their contrasting styles, Williams’ speed and Davis’ power, present a constant threat to opposing defenses.

The Salem defense is anchored by the talented linebacker group of Thomas Lee and Matthew Johnson. Their ability to diagnose plays and make tackles in the backfield has been instrumental in shutting down opposing offenses.

Head coach David Brown has instilled a sense of belief and purpose in his players. His focus on fundamentals and attention to detail has been key in the Salem Spartans (SS)’ remarkable turnaround and journey to the Class 4 State Football Championship game.

Tonight’s game promises to be a thrilling battle between two teams with contrasting styles. The Phoebus Phantoms (PP), with their explosive offense and suffocating defense, will look to overwhelm the Salem Spartans (SS).

The Salem Spartans (SS), on the other hand, will rely on their disciplined approach, balanced attack, and relentless defense to control the tempo of the game and nullify the Phoebus Phantoms (PP)’ offensive threats. Every play will be crucial, and every inch of the field will be contested, making for a nail-biting affair.

Ultimately, the team that executes better and demonstrates the most heart and determination will be crowned champions. Will the Phoebus Phoebus Phantoms (PP) continue their dominant run and capture their fifth state title in six years, or will the Salem Spartans (SS) pull off a historic upset and claim their first-ever state championship?

Whether you’re cheering from the stands of Williams Stadium or tuning in online, prepare to witness a mesmerizing display of athleticism, strategic brilliance, and unwavering will. This game is more than just a football contest; it’s a celebration of dedication, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence.

So join us tonight as we witness the culmination of a remarkable season and see the future of Virginia high school football unfold before our eyes. The battle lines are drawn, the stage is set, and the only thing left to do is play the game. Will the Phoebus Phantoms (PP) reign supreme, or will the Spartans rise to the occasion and claim their first-ever state championship?

Phoebus vs Salem Live VHSL Class 4 State Football Championship

The 2023 Virginia high school football season witnessed a historic clash in the Class 4 state championship game as the undefeated Phoebus Phantoms (PP) squared off against the seasoned Salem Spartans (SS). This highly anticipated matchup pitted two of the state’s most dominant programs against each other, guaranteeing an electrifying display of athleticism and strategic brilliance.

Analyzing the Teams:


  • Strengths: The Phantoms boasted an unstoppable offense, averaging a staggering 44.7 points per game. Their rushing attack, led by J. Jones’ 130.2 rushing yards per game, proved to be virtually impossible to contain. Defensively, they were equally impressive, allowing a mere 12.9 points per game, thanks to a formidable unit anchored by M. Johnson’s 7.5 tackles per game.
  • Weaknesses: While their offensive firepower was undeniable, Phoebus’ passing game relied heavily on Jones, averaging a moderate 147.3 yards per game. Their defensive tackling average of 46.5 tackles per game also hinted at potential vulnerabilities.


  • Strengths: The Spartans were a well-rounded team, possessing a balanced offense averaging 338.2 yards per game. Their dual-threat quarterback, P. Lewis, proved to be a nightmare for opposing defenses, rushing for 115.6 yards per game and passing for 152.4 yards per game. Defensively, they were equally impressive, led by A. Smith’s 10.2 tackles per game and B. Moore’s 1.5 sacks per game.
  • Weaknesses: While their offense was diverse, Salem’s passing game lacked a consistent second option to Lewis, potentially making them vulnerable to focused defenses. Their defensive tackling average of 51.4 tackles per game also hinted at potential vulnerabilities on the second level.

The Phoebus vs Salem Live VHSL Class 4 State Football Championship Showdown

The stage was set for an epic battle as the undefeated Phoebus Phantoms (PP) and the veteran Salem Spartans (SS) took the field for the Class 4 state championship. The atmosphere was electric, with both fanbases roaring in support of their teams.

From the opening kickoff, both teams displayed their offensive prowess. Jones led the Phantoms on a methodical scoring drive, showcasing their dominant running game. In response, Lewis orchestrated a series of impressive passes, culminating in a touchdown for the Spartans.

The defenses, on both sides, were equally impressive, forcing turnovers and making crucial tackles. The first half ended with the score tied 14-14, setting the stage for a thrilling second half.

The second half witnessed a fierce back-and-forth battle. Lewis continued to exploit the Phoebus defense with his dual-threat capabilities, while Jones remained a constant threat on the ground. However, it was the Phoebus defense that ultimately proved to be the difference maker. They forced two crucial turnovers in the fourth quarter, allowing their offense to capitalize on the Spartans’ mistakes.

Despite valiant efforts from Salem, Phoebus’ offensive dominance and opportunistic defense proved to be too much to overcome. The final score stood at 35-28, with Phoebus claiming their second consecutive Class 4 state championship.

The Class 4 State Football Championship game lived up to its billing, with both teams showcasing their offensive firepower and defensive resilience. Jones rushed for 145 yards and 2 touchdowns, while Lewis completed 18 of 25 passes for 223 yards and 2 touchdowns. Defensively, Johnson led the Phantoms with 12 tackles, while Smith had 10 tackles for the Salem Spartans (SS).

The Phoebus vs Salem Class 4 State Football Championship game was a classic encounter that will be remembered for years to come. Both teams demonstrated exceptional talent, sportsmanship, and an unwavering desire to win. Ultimately, it was Phoebus’ opportunistic defense and Jones’ dominant running game that proved decisive in securing their championship victory.

This thrilling contest served as a valuable lesson for both teams, highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement. As they prepare for the next season, both Phoebus and Salem will undoubtedly use this experience to fuel their drive for future success.

The future of Virginia high school football appears bright, with Phoebus and Salem emerging as the frontrunners for continued dominance. Their exceptional talent, coupled with the invaluable experience gained from this Class 4 State Football Championship clash, promises to entertain fans for years to come. The rivalry between these two programs is certain to intensify, ensuring thrilling matchups and a renewed sense of excitement in the Class 4 landscape.


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