Oklahoma High School Football Game Shooting

Shooting at Oklahoma High School Football Game: One Teen Killed and Others Hurt, Police Report

Bad Incident at Oklahoma High School Football Game: A Teen Got Hurt and Many Others Were Injured When There Were Gunshots, Police Explained.

Something really bad happened at a high school football game in Oklahoma on Friday night. A teenager lost their life, and many people got hurt when shots were fired, like in movies. This happened during the third part of the game between Choctaw High School and Del City High School.

The police think that a fight between at least two men started on the side where the visitors were sitting. This fight led to the shooting, where people got hurt. The chief of the Choctaw Police, whose name is Kelly Marshall, told this to the news.

A 16-year-old boy got shot in a sensitive area of his body and sadly passed away because of his injuries, the police shared on Saturday. The boy’s name is not known by the public yet, and he wasn’t a student at either of the schools involved, the police explained.

Two more people got hurt from the shooting and had to go to a nearby hospital. A man who’s 42 years old got shot in his chest, but he’s now in a place where doctors take extra care of him, called the intensive care unit. He had surgery to help him. A young lady got shot in her leg, but she’s okay now and has already left the hospital after getting treated.

There were also two girls who were students. They got hurt while trying to run away from the shooting. They ended up with broken wrists and one of them had a broken leg, the police told everyone.

The police found two guns and eight bullets where the bad thing happened.

Someone who might know about the bad thing is still out there and the police want to find them. A group called the  Foundation for Kids is giving money to anyone who helps the police catch this person.

The head of the group, a person named Daniel Chapin, said that there were lots of people in the stadium when this happened, including students. He wants anyone who knows anything to do the right thing and tell the police, like a hero.

During the game, there was a police officer from Del City who was there to make sure everything was safe. But even he had to use his gun at the same place where the bad thing happened, the boss of the Del City police, Loyd Berger, said. Another group called the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is looking into what happened with the officer’s gun.

People who were filming the game live  caught the moments when the shots were fired. In the video, you can see the players leaving the field because of the noise. At first, the people talking on TV were confused, but then one of them realized what was happening and said, “Oh, there are people shooting.”

Chief Marshall, who leads the police, said she will talk to the people who run the school on Saturday. She wants to help students and the audience feel better by talking with them. They might have someone to listen to them, and they will also talk about how to make things safer.

“We really want to fix what happened and make sure everyone feels safe again,” Marshall said.

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