Louisiana Top 10 high school football rankings 2023

John Curtis High School is aiming to win its 28th state football championship in 2023. They’re currently ranked as the best team in Louisiana according to the High School Football America Top 10 rankings. On a national level, they started the season as the 44th-best team out of 300 in the championship rankings.

These rankings are made by looking at different things like how well the teams did before, how many players are coming back, and how good the new players are. Remember, these rankings are just guesses, and the real results might be different.

The teams that won the state championship last year, John Curtis Christian and Destrehan, are both in the top 5. John Curtis Christian has won the state championship 23 times, which is more than any other school in Louisiana. Destrehan has won the state championship 7 times, and they won the last two years.

Another team to keep an eye on is Zachary, who has a really good quarterback named Eli Holstein. He’s so good that he’s been given 5 stars and is going to play for Texas A&M. Ruston also has a strong quarterback, Cade Williams, who’s a 4-star recruit and is going to LSU. And then there’s St. Thomas More, who have the best recruit in the whole country, Arch Manning, playing as their quarterback.

The 2023 high school football season in Louisiana looks like it’s going to be a tough one. These are just a few of the teams that could have a shot at winning the state championship. We’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out.

Louisiana Top 10 High School Football America 2023

Ranking/TeamRecordPreseason Rankings
No. 1 John Curtis(12-2)44
No. 2 Catholic (Baton Rouge)(11-2)49
No. 3 Edna Karr(7-4)61
No. 4 Destrehan(14-0)76
No. 5 Brother Martin(9-6)79
No. 6 St. Thomas More(13-1)121
No. 7 Ruston(13-2)142
No. 8 St. Augustine(7-3)153
No. 9 Zachary(10-3)162
No. 10 Lafayette Christian Academy(10-4)171
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