Louisiana High School Football Rankings 2023

If you want to find out about the Louisiana high school football rankings in 2023, Louisiana has a well-known and competitive high school football program. The football season typically runs from late August to December, and it culminates in state championship games for each division. Louisiana has a history of producing talented high school football players who have achieved success nationally. So, if you’re interested in the Louisiana high school football rankings, keep reading to learn more.

Here are the latest Louisiana high school football rankings by the Louisiana Sports Writers Association for September 4th. At the top of each ranking, there haven’t been any changes. John Curtis leads in Class 5A, St. Thomas More is on top in 4A, University High is the leader in 3A, Calvary Baptist is leading in 2A, and Ouachita Christian is in first place in 1A. All these teams had a good start to the season by winning their opening games.

update: 9-12-2023.

Top 50 Louisiana High School Football Rankings 2023

The list of the top 50 ranked high school football teams can change often. These rankings are for the 50 best high school football teams in Louisiana, but they can change as the season goes on.

#SchoolOvr.  RatingStr.
1Edna Karr (New Orleans)2-046.30-1.4
2John Curtis Christian (River Ridge)1-039.70-32.9
3Warren Easton (New Orleans)2-038.0031.1
4Lafayette Christian Academy (Lafayette)2-036.007.0
5Catholic-B.R. (Baton Rouge)1-134.0040.5
6Ouachita Christian (Monroe)2-029.2017.9
9St. Thomas More (Lafayette)2-027.20-15.7
10St. Augustine (New Orleans)2-025.40-6.5
11Brother Martin (New Orleans)2-024.303.3
13St. Charles Catholic (LaPlace)2-021.208.2
14Holy Cross (New Orleans)2-020.502.7
15Calvary Baptist Academy (Shreveport)2-019.10-3.7
16Airline (Bossier City)2-018.409.2
17Teurlings Catholic (Lafayette)2-018.00-9.3
18Southside (Youngsville)2-017.905.2
19Neville (Monroe)2-017.506.1
20University Lab (Baton Rouge)1-117.206.3
21Acadiana (Lafayette)1-117.1013.8
22Carencro (Lafayette)2-017.00-4.4
24Archbishop Rummel (Metairie)1-115.8014.7
25Westgate (New Iberia)2-015.70-9.4
26North DeSoto (Stonewall)1-113.9017.2
27West Monroe2-013.401.6
28Dutchtown (Geismar)2-012.80-3.2
29Sam Houston (Lake Charles)2-012.40-2.5
30Ouachita Parish (Monroe)1-112.1016.7
31E.D. White (Thibodaux)2-011.80-20.1
32Jesuit (New Orleans)1-111.4018.5
34East St. John (Reserve)2-09.80-9.8
36Newman (New Orleans)2-08.70-9.2
38De La Salle (New Orleans)1-16.9010.3
39Oak Grove1-16.707.8
41Notre Dame (Crowley)1-16.004.0
42Archbishop Shaw (Marrero)0-25.5020.4
43Scotlandville (Baton Rouge)0-24.7042.8
44Madison Prep Academy (Baton Rouge)1-14.5012.7
46Union Parish (Farmerville)1-14.407.6
47Huntington (Shreveport)2-04.30-11.4
48Byrd (Shreveport)0-24.1024.2
49Vermilion Catholic (Abbeville)2-03.30-6.1
50St. Paul’s (Covington)1-12.00-6.8

Louisiana Class 1A HS Football Rankings 2023

1West St. John (Edgard)0-2-45.90-2.2
2Cohen (New Orleans)1-1-55.90-56.3
3Magnolia School of Excellence (Shreveport)0-2-56.50-20.9
5North Central (Lebeau)1-1-61.70-70.5
6Crescent City Christian (Metairie)1-1-63.30-40.7
7Sicily Island0-2-66.70-35.9
8Block (Jonesville)0-2-70.20-41.4
11Northwood (Lena)0-2-80.50-59.8
12Plain Dealing0-2-82.70-46.8
13Tensas (St. Joseph)0-2-84.30-44.8

Louisiana Class 2A HS  Football Rankings 2023

#SchoolOvr.  RatingStr.
3Beekman (Bastrop)1-0-48.00-84.4
4Madison (Tallulah)2-0-48.50-65.8
6Lakeview (Campti)1-1-50.60-51.4
9West St. Mary (Baldwin)0-2-59.20-41.9
10Capitol (Baton Rouge)0-2-62.00-30.8
11Jefferson RISE Charter (Harvey)1-1-69.50-60.1
12Fisher (Lafitte)1-1-70.50-61.6
13Pickering (Leesville)0-2-72.30-44.3
14Northeast (Pride)0-2-75.60-59.1

Louisiana Class 3A HS Football Rankings 2023

#SchoolOvr.  RatingStr.
5North Webster (Springhill)1-1-22.70-21.0
6South Beauregard (Longville)1-1-24.10-15.5
11Ville Platte0-2-49.40-39.7
12Port Barre1-1-53.40-44.8
13Glen Oaks (Baton Rouge)0-2-53.90-26.8
14Mentorship Academy (Baton Rouge)0-2-56.70-34.6
15Collegiate (Baton Rouge)0-2-59.10-39.3
16Bolton (Alexandria)0-2-64.80-24.0
17Pine Prairie0-2-65.50-42.1

Louisiana Class 4A HS Football Rankings 2023

#SchoolOvr.  RatingStr.
1Assumption (Napoleonville)2-0-8.20-29.5
3South Lafourche (Galliano)1-1-23.20-18.0
4South Terrebonne (Bourg)0-2-23.80-5.3
5Bossier (Bossier City)1-1-25.80-18.9
6Woodlawn-Shreveport (Shreveport)1-1-29.10-32.2
8Abramson (New Orleans)2-0-34.00-52.8
9Grant (Dry Prong)2-0-36.90-71.6
10A.J. Ellender (Houma)0-2-36.90-26.0
11LaGrange (Lake Charles)0-2-37.40-6.2
12L.W. Higgins (Marrero)0-2-38.00-15.3
14Washington (Shreveport)1-1-41.50-34.8
15Morgan City1-1-45.20-31.5
16Belaire (Baton Rouge)0-2-48.90-25.1
17Beau Chene (Arnaudville)1-1-49.40-39.0
18Washington-Marion (Lake Charles)0-2-50.70-14.5
19Tara (Baton Rouge)1-1-54.30-44.3
20Broadmoor (Baton Rouge)1-1-55.00-54.2

Louisiana Class 5A HS Football Rankings 2023

#SchoolOvr.  RatingStr.
2Sam Houston (Lake Charles)2-012.40-2.5
3Central (Baton Rouge)1-10.001.9
4Terrebonne (Houma)1-1-5.40-11.8
6Barbe (Lake Charles)1-1-6.80-10.2
9New Iberia0-2-11.4014.1
10Live Oak (Watson)1-1-15.50-26.3
11Natchitoches Central (Natchitoches)1-1-17.10-13.7
12Fontainebleau (Mandeville)1-1-19.90-12.6
13Comeaux (Lafayette)0-2-29.4010.4
14Bourgeois (Gray)1-1-31.50-22.2
16Central Lafourche (Raceland)0-2-32.8013.9
17West Jefferson (Harvey)0-2-37.90-14.8
18Bonnabel (Kenner)0-1-39.2028.0
19Southwood (Shreveport)0-2-47.10-31.9

Do you know how these high school football rankings work?

The rankings take in a team’s win-loss record, the quality of opponents they have faced, and their overall performance during the season.

These rankings serve several purposes:

  • Polls and Rankings Committees: In many regions, rankings are determined by a panel of experts, coaches, and sports journalists who evaluate teams based on their performance, overall record, and other relevant factors. 
  • Win-Loss Records: A fundamental factor in high school football rankings is a team’s win-loss record. Teams with more wins and fewer losses tend to rank higher. The margin of victory may also be considered in some ranking systems.
  • Quality Wins: Wins against highly-ranked or traditionally strong teams are often given more weight than wins against weaker opponents. Beating a strong team can significantly boost a team’s ranking.
  • Scoring and Statistics: Some ranking systems also take into account offensive and defensive performance, including points scored and points allowed. 
  • Playoff and Championship Performance: In many cases, rankings may be adjusted based on a team’s performance in playoff rounds and whether they win a championship in their division or conference.
  • Coaches’ and Media Polls: Rankings can also be influenced by polls conducted by coaches or the media. 
  • Historical Performance: The track record of a team over the years can sometimes factor into their ranking. A team with a history of success may start with a higher ranking.
  • Local and Regional Variations: High school football rankings can vary by region, state, or governing body. Different organizations and areas may have their own unique ranking systems and criteria.

The final rankings typically come out at the end of the season after state championships have been determined. 

Source – https://www.maxpreps.com/