Hawaii junior picks off five passes in win

Mana Carvalho from Kahuku catches five passes from the other team and throws a touchdown as they easily beat their rival.

The team that won last year’s championship in Hawaii played really well again. They scored 52 points and the other team, which is also strong from the same island, only got 17 points. So the champion team won by a lot!

A football player named Kaimana Carvalho from Kahuku High School in Hawaii had a really great weekend. He caught five passes from the other team, which is like taking the ball away from them. His team, called the Red Raiders, won the game 52-17 against another strong team from the same place, Saint Louis in Honolulu.

Kaimana is a junior in high school and he’s about 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. In the game, he scored two touchdowns. One was when he caught the ball and ran into the end zone, and the other was when he caught a 10-yard pass and scored a touchdown.

He also ran for a total of 94 yards when he caught the passes and returned them. And apart from that, he caught five passes himself, which added up to 31 yards. Some big colleges are interested in him, like Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, and Washington State.

Kahuku’s team has won two games already this season. They first won 49-0 against Wai’anae. In September, they have two really important games. First, they’ll go to a different place on the mainland to play against the best team in the whole country, Mater Dei. After that, they’ll play against another strong team, St. John Bosco, back at home.

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