Tonight, two of California’s most talented basketball programs, Harvard-Westlake and King/Drew, will clash in a highly anticipated matchup. This exciting contest promises to showcase high-flying athleticism, skilled ball handling, and intense competition, making it a must-watch event for basketball fans across the state.

Event Information:

Event Information
Game: Harvard-Westlake vs King/Drew
Date: December 8, 2023
Time: In Progress
Streaming: Watch Live Here

A Tale of Two Teams:

Harvard-Westlake boasts a tradition of excellence, having captured numerous CIF Southern Section and State championships over the years. Led by the dynamic duo of senior point guard Ryan Smith and junior shooting guard Michael Jones, the Wolverines are renowned for their fast-paced offense and suffocating defense. This season, they have compiled an impressive 10-2 record, showcasing their dominance in the Southern California prep basketball scene.

King/Drew, on the other hand, represents a rising force in California basketball. With a young and talented roster, the Jaguars have impressed fans and critics alike with their aggressive play and unwavering determination. Led by the electrifying sophomore guard Isaiah Jackson and the imposing senior center Jabari Davis, King/Drew presents a formidable opponent for any team they face. This season, they have established themselves as a true contender, boasting a 8-3 record and a hunger to prove themselves against the best.

Previous Encounters:

This will be the first meeting between Harvard-Westlake and King/Drew this season. While their paths haven’t crossed on the court recently, both teams are well aware of each other’s capabilities and strengths. This unfamiliarity adds an extra layer of intrigue and uncertainty to the matchup, making it difficult to predict the outcome.

Keys to the Game:

  • Controlling the Tempo: Harvard-Westlake thrives in an up-tempo game, utilizing their speed and athleticism to create scoring opportunities. Conversely, King/Drew prefers to play a more methodical pace, relying on their size and strength to control the paint. The team that dictates the pace of the game will likely have a significant advantage.
  • Shooting Efficiency: Both teams boast talented offensive players, but their shooting efficiency will be crucial in determining the outcome. Harvard-Westlake’s perimeter shooting prowess needs to be balanced by King/Drew’s ability to convert inside the paint.
  • Defensive Presence: Both teams have demonstrated the ability to play lockdown defense. The team that can shut down their opponent’s offensive stars and force turnovers will be in a strong position to win.

Anticipation and Excitement:

With both teams harboring championship aspirations, tonight’s game promises to be an electrifying affair. The atmosphere at the Harvard-Westlake Upper School Gym is sure to be electric, with passionate fans from both schools creating a raucous environment. This highly anticipated matchup is not just about basketball; it represents a clash of styles, philosophies, and ambitions.


This is a difficult game to predict, as both teams are evenly matched and possess the talent and potential to win. Harvard-Westlake’s experience and proven track record give them a slight edge. However, King/Drew’s youthful exuberance and hunger for success cannot be underestimated. Ultimately, the team that executes their game plan more effectively and capitalizes on key opportunities will emerge victorious and take a significant step towards their championship aspirations.

Additional Information:

  • Fans attending the game are encouraged to arrive early due to anticipated large crowds.
  • Concessions will be available for purchase at the concession stand inside the gym.
  • Please be respectful of the players, coaches, and officials.
  • Be sure to wear your school colors and show your support for your team!

This Friday night, the hardwood will be ablaze as Harvard-Westlake and King/Drew engage in a basketball battle for the ages. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to witness two of California’s finest high school basketball programs compete in a showdown for supremacy.


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