Prosper, Texas – December 8th, 2023: The lights will shine brightly on Children’s Health Stadium in Prosper, Texas, tonight, where the Glen Rose Tigers and the Gilmer Buckeyes lock horns in a pivotal Class 4A Division II Region I state championship matchup. Both teams boast impressive records and talented players, making this a clash of titans with high stakes and immense anticipation. Today live championship match will played at 4:00 PM, at Children’s Health Stadium, Prosper, Texas.

Event Information
Game: Glen Rose vs Gilmer
Date: Decembers 8, 2023
Time: In Progress
Streaming: Watch Live Here

The Glen Rose Tigers enter the contest with a remarkable 10-4 record, showcasing resilience and determination throughout their journey. Their potent offense and stingy defense have propelled them to the state semifinals, where they aim to leave their mark on the championship stage.

The Tigers’ offensive engine is fueled by the dynamic leadership of senior quarterback Canyon Evans. Evans’ exceptional arm strength and accuracy, coupled with his ability to read defenses and make smart decisions, keep the offense moving forward. Senior running back William Henderson complements the passing attack with his powerful running style and knack for finding the end zone.

Glen Rose’s defense prides itself on its physicality and relentless pursuit of the ball. Senior linebacker Christopher Raymond leads the team in tackles, serving as the defensive anchor and consistently disrupting opponents’ offensive schemes. The secondary, led by junior safety Josiah Groeneweg, excels in creating turnovers and making crucial interceptions in critical moments.

The Gilmer Buckeyes carry a rich legacy of success, boasting 11-3 record this season. They are known for their explosive offense and relentless pressure defense, making them a formidable opponent for any team.

The Buckeyes’ offensive attack revolves around the dynamic duo of senior quarterback Cole Tennison and junior wide receiver Chris Moore. Tennison’s pinpoint accuracy and decision-making skills, combined with Moore’s exceptional speed and route-running, create a nightmare for opposing defenses. Senior running back Bryson Brewton adds another dimension to the offense with his vision and ability to break tackles, keeping the defense on their heels.

Gilmer’s defense prides itself on its aggressiveness and opportunistic play. Senior linebacker Kaleb Brown tackles machine, leading the team in tackles and consistently disrupting opposing running games. The secondary, led by senior safety Justin Patterson, possesses exceptional ball skills and a knack for making timely interceptions.

Head-to-Head Matchups: Where the Game Will Be Decided

Several key matchups hold the potential to swing the momentum of the game:

  • Canyon Evans vs. Gilmer Secondary: Evans’ ability to find his receivers in tight coverage will be crucial against a talented secondary led by Justin Patterson.
  • Bryson Brewton vs. Glen Rose Defensive Line: Brewton’s elusiveness and power will be tested against a stout defensive line anchored by Christopher Raymond.
  • Josiah Groeneweg vs. Cole Tennison: Groeneweg’s pressure on Tennison and his ability to make plays in the backfield will be vital in disrupting Gilmer’s offensive rhythm.

The 2023 Texas high school football season witnessed a dramatic clash between two titans: the Glen Rose Tigers and the Gilmer Buckeyes. This article delves into a comprehensive analysis of their season, dissecting strengths, weaknesses, and the pivotal moments that defined their journeys.

Known for their explosive offense, Glen Rose entered the season with a reputation for lighting up the scoreboard. Led by the dynamic junior quarterback Canyon Evans, the Tigers averaged a staggering 386.4 yards per game. Evans, a dual-threat quarterback, averaged 303.3 passing yards and 23.6 rushing yards per game, showcasing his ability to make plays with both his arm and his legs.

The receiving corps, spearheaded by the explosive junior wide receiver Josiah Groeneweg, who averaged 106.0 yards per game and 10.3 touchdowns, was a constant threat to opposing defenses. Groeneweg’s speed and sure hands made him a favorite target for Evans, making the Tigers’ passing attack virtually unstoppable.

On the ground, the Tigers relied on the power and agility of senior running back Brendan Brewton, who averaged 46.4 rushing yards per game and 12 touchdowns. This potent combination of passing and rushing allowed Glen Rose to average 475.6 total yards per game, making them a formidable offensive force.

Gilmer, known for their balanced offensive approach, entered the season with a hunger to prove themselves. Led by the senior quarterback Cadon Tennison, the Buckeyes averaged 46.7 points per game, with Tennison averaging 183.9 passing yards and 38.2 rushing yards per game.

Tennison’s ability to manage the offense and make key plays kept the Buckeyes in contention throughout the season. The running back duo of junior Will Henderson and senior Brendan Webb provided a powerful ground attack, with Henderson averaging 159.9 rushing yards per game and 14.1 touchdowns, and Webb chipping in with 46.2 rushing yards per game.

The receiving corps, led by the senior wide receiver Ta’Erik Tate, who averaged 69.3 receiving yards per game and 7 touchdowns, was a key element in the Buckeyes’ offensive success. Tate’s speed and route-running ability made him a difficult matchup for opposing defenses.

Defensively, the Tigers were equally impressive. Anchored by the dominant senior defensive tackle Kelyton Raymond, who averaged 11.2 tackles per game and 9.5 sacks, Glen Rose held their opponents to an average of 36.6 points per game. Raymond’s ability to disrupt opposing offenses was a constant threat, making it difficult for teams to run the ball effectively.

The secondary, led by the senior cornerback Adrian Sanchez, who recorded 8 interceptions and 15 pass deflections, was equally effective. Sanchez’s ball-hawking skills and coverage ability made it difficult for quarterbacks to find open receivers.

Gilmer’s defense was also a force to be reckoned with. Led by the senior linebacker Keith Brown, who averaged 8.3 tackles per game, and the junior safety Jalen Edmond, who recorded 7.8 tackles and 2 interceptions per game, the Buckeyes held their opponents to an average of 276.6 rushing yards per game.

Brown’s presence in the middle of the field was a constant challenge for opposing offenses, while Edmond’s ability to cover receivers and make tackles in the open field was a valuable asset to the Buckeyes’ defensive unit.

Both Glen Rose and Gilmer navigated through their respective schedules with impressive performances, showcasing remarkable talent and unwavering determination. The Tigers’ high-powered offense proved too much for most opponents, while the Buckeyes’ balanced attack kept them competitive throughout the season.

However, the season’s climax came in the Regional Finals, where Glen Rose and Gilmer faced off in a highly anticipated matchup. The game lived up to its billing, exceeding expectations and showcasing two teams playing at the peak of their abilities.

From the opening kickoff, both teams displayed relentless intensity. Glen Rose relied on their passing game, with Evans finding Groeneweg in stride for multiple touchdowns. Gilmer countered with their balanced attack, with Henderson pounding the defense and Tennison finding Tate for key completions.


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