Delaware High School Football Rankings 2023

Delaware has a strong high school football program, and people are excited about the new football season that runs from late August to December. The state has a history of producing talented high school football players, and each season ends with a state championship game.

In Delaware, there’s a yearly ranking system for high school football teams. It comes out in the spring and is used by DAAD, the official organization that oversees high school sports in Delaware.”

The final rankings for Delaware high school football at the end of the regular season are determined by a computer program. This program looks at scores and how much teams win in games across the United States over a three-week period. The rankings are then published in a football publication by The Associated Press.”

The football season has just started, so remember that these rankings might change as the teams play more games. However, these are the teams you should keep an eye on as the 2023 Delaware High School Football season continues.”

Delaware All Class High School Football Rankings 2023

#SchoolOvr.  RatingStr.+/-
3Caravel (Bear)0-024.500.0-1
4Wilmington Friends (Wilmington)0-019.000.0
5Salesianum (Wilmington)1-018.901.0+1
6St. Mark’s (Wilmington)0-017.500.0-1
8Archmere Academy (Claymont)0-014.700.0
9Sussex Central (Georgetown)1-012.206.1+2
10Hodgson Vo-Tech (Newark)1-08.004.0+9
12Cape Henlopen (Lewes)1-04.701.9+4
13Howard (Wilmington)0-14.008.0-4
14Lake Forest (Felton)1-03.70-18.5-2
15Appoquinimink (West Middletown)0-03.200.0-2
16St. Georges Tech (Middletown)0-02.600.0-1
17Red Lion Christian Academy (Bear)0-11.904.7-3
18Delaware Military Academy (Wilmington)0-11.0018.9-1
19Tower Hill (Wilmington)0-0-5.800.0+1
20St. Elizabeth (Wilmington)0-0-7.000.0-2
23Tatnall (Wilmington)0-0-11.100.0-1
25Concord (Wilmington)0-0-12.500.0+1
26Sussex Tech (Georgetown)1-0-12.70-35.9+1
27Woodbridge (Bridgeville)1-0-14.30-16.4+7
28Indian River (Dagsboro)0-0-14.600.0+1
29Mount Pleasant (Wilmington)0-1-14.70-8.8-8
30William Penn (New Castle)1-0-14.70-19.3+2
32Odessa (Townsend)0-1-18.403.7+1
33Caesar Rodney (Camden)0-1-19.20-14.8-3
34McKean (Wilmington)0-0-19.500.0+1
35St. Andrew’s (Middletown)0-0-20.700.0+1
36Wilmington Charter (Wilmington)0-0-20.800.0+1
37FCA Bucks (Georgetown)0-0-23.400.0
38Polytech (Woodside)1-0-26.60-34.4+2
39Delcastle Technical (Wilmington)0-0-27.100.0-1
40Conrad Science (Wilmington)0-0-29.300.0+1
41First State Military Academy (Clayton)1-0-31.70-37.8+3
42Brandywine (Wilmington)0-0-34.300.0
43Glasgow (Newark)0-1-35.80-12.8
44DuPont (Wilmington)0-1-37.70-31.8-5
45Early College (Dover)0-0-52.900.0+2
46Christiana (Newark)0-0-59.900.0-1
47Dickinson (Wilmington)0-1-62.20-12.2-1

Division 1A High School Football Rankings 2023

1 St. Elizabeth (Wilmington)0-0-7.000.0
2 Tatnall (Wilmington)0-0-11.100.0
3 Indian River (Dagsboro)0-0-14.600.0
4 Seaford0-1-16.30-14.4
5 McKean (Wilmington)0-0-19.500.0
6 St. Andrew’s (Middletown)0-0-20.700.0
7 Wilmington Charter (Wilmington)0-0-20.800.0
8 Polytech (Woodside)1-0-26.60-34.4
9 Conrad Science (Wilmington)0-0-29.300.0
10 First State Military Academy (Clayton)1-0-31.70-37.8
11 Brandywine (Wilmington)0-0-34.300.0
12 Glasgow (Newark)0-1-35.80-12.8
13 DuPont (Wilmington)0-1-37.70-31.8
14 Early College (Dover)0-0-52.900.0
15 Christiana (Newark)0-0-59.900.0
16 Dickinson (Wilmington)0-1-62.20-12.2

Division 2A

1 Caravel (Bear)0-024.500.0
2 Wilmington Friends (Wilmington)0-019.000.0
3 Archmere Academy (Claymont)0-014.700.0
4 Laurel0-16.1012.2
5 Howard (Wilmington)0-14.008.0
6 Lake Forest (Felton)1-03.70-18.5
7 Red Lion Christian Academy (Bear)0-11.904.7
8 Delaware Military Academy (Wilmington)0-11.0018.9
9 Tower Hill (Wilmington)0-0-5.800.0
10 Milford1-0-8.70-14.8
11 Newark0-0-8.800.0
12 Delmar1-0-12.10-62.3
13 Concord (Wilmington)0-0-12.500.0
14 Sussex Tech (Georgetown)1-0-12.70-35.9
15 Woodbridge (Bridgeville)1-0-14.30-16.4
16 Mount Pleasant (Wilmington)0-1-14.70-8.8
17 Odessa (Townsend)0-1-18.403.7
18 Delcastle Technical (Wilmington)0-0-27.100.0

Division 3A

1 Smyrna0-135.4035.6
2 Middletown1-026.409.0
3 Salesianum (Wilmington)1-018.901.0
4 St. Mark’s (Wilmington)0-017.500.0
5 Dover1-017.40-10.2
6 Sussex Central (Georgetown)1-012.206.1
7 Hodgson Vo-Tech (Newark)1-08.004.0
8 Cape Henlopen (Lewes)1-04.701.9
9 Appoquinimink (West Middletown)0-03.200.0
10 St. Georges Tech (Middletown)0-02.600.0
11 William Penn (New Castle)1-0-14.70-19.3
12 Caesar Rodney (Camden)0-1-19.20-14.8

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