On December 3, 2023, two powerhouse Connecticut high school football teams, the Cromwell/Portland Panthers and the Ansonia Chargers, will clash in a highly anticipated matchup for the CIAC Class s Football Championship. This game promises to be an electrifying spectacle, culminating an exciting and competitive season for both teams.

Event Information
Game: Cromwell/Portland vs Ansonia
Date: Sunday, Decembers 3, 2023
Time: 12:30 PM (EST)
Streaming: Watch Live Here

The Cromwell/Portland Panthers, representing Cromwell and Portland, Connecticut, have demonstrated exceptional resilience throughout the 2023 season. Despite facing a challenging schedule, the Panthers have emerged as a formidable contender, showcasing their unwavering determination and unwavering spirit on the field. Their offense, led by quarterback Cole Brisson, has consistently shredded opposing defenses with their pinpoint passing accuracy and explosive plays. Wide receiver Teddy Williams has also had a standout game, catching five touchdown passes and making nine catches overall for 332 yards. The Panthers’ defense, anchored by linebacker Michael Evans, has been a brick wall against opposing teams, shutting down their offensive efforts and creating turnovers with remarkable frequency.

The Ansonia Chargers, hailing from Ansonia, Connecticut, have marched through the 2023 season with an undefeated record, establishing themselves as a dominant force in Class s football. Their offensive firepower, spearheaded by running back Ryan Peterson and quarterback Anthony Nyschot, has been virtually unstoppable, while their defense, led by lineman Adam DeSantis, has been equally impressive, shutting down opposing offenses with remarkable consistency.

The Cromwell/Portland Panthers and the Ansonia Chargers have a long and storied rivalry that dates back decades. The two schools are located just a few miles apart, fostering a deep-seated competitive spirit among their student bodies and alumni. Each year, their football matchup is highly anticipated, drawing large crowds and generating intense excitement. This year’s game, with the CIAC Class s Championship at stake, promises to be an electrifying spectacle.

The CIAC Class s Football Championship game on December 3, 2023, is set to be an epic showdown between two of Connecticut’s top high school football teams. The Cromwell/Portland Panthers, with their resilient spirit and offensive prowess, will face off against the Ansonia Chargers, undefeated and boasting an unstoppable offense and a lockdown defense. Every play, every yard, and every moment will be contested with intensity and determination, as both teams strive to claim the coveted state championship title.


The Cromwell/Portland vs. Ansonia championship game is more than just a sporting event; it is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and unwavering spirit of these young athletes. It is a culmination of years of training, teamwork, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As the two teams prepare to take the field, the anticipation is palpable, the excitement is infectious, and the stage is set for a truly unforgettable championship showdown. The outcome of this game will not only determine the CIAC Class S football champion but will also etch their names in the annals of Connecticut high school football history.


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