Best High School Football Coaches

A coach named Bill Cherpak from Pennsylvania is doing really well in high school football. He won his 300th game in 2022 and now he’s one of the top 20 coaches.

There’s a coach named Bill Cherpak from Thomas Jefferson School in Pennsylvania. He’s a really good coach in high school football. Last year, he won his 300th game. That’s a lot of games! He’s one of the best coaches in the whole country when it comes to winning.

There’s a website called Sportsdimond, and they made a list of coaches who have won the most games in high school football. They added five new coaches to the list who have also won 300 or more games. That’s the least number of games you need to be on the list. Cherpak won his 300th game when his team played against Greater LaTrobe in the state playoffs. But unfortunately, they lost the next week against Central Valley (Monaca).

Cherpak is now the 322nd coach to win 300 games in high school football. He’s on a list of the best coaches with the most wins, ranking at number 17. He started coaching in 1996, and since then, his teams have won 300 games and lost 54. That’s a really good record, about 85% of the games they played! It took him 354 games to win 300, and that makes him the 22nd fastest coach to do it.

Bob Ladouceur from De La Salle School in Concord, California, is at the top of the list of coaches who win a lot. He finished coaching in 2012 and his team won 399 games, lost 25, and tied 3. That’s a really high percentage of wins, about 94%!

There are only two coaches who finished their careers with a super high percentage of wins, like 90% or more. The other coach is John Roderique from Webb City School in Missouri. He stopped coaching last year and his team won 315 games and lost 35. That’s also about 90% of wins.

Only the coaches who have won 300 games or even more are looked at for the list of the top 100 coaches with the most wins. This list is something new that’s been added to the National High School Football Record Book. Sportsdimond is right now working on putting in records for teams and new things about individual players for the 2023 football season.

There are some new names on the list of coaches who have won the most games ever. These names are Bill Foltmer from Middletown School in California, Mike Wheeler from Dallas Christian School in Mesquite, Texas, Chuck Johnson from Ridgewood School in New Jersey, and John Livengood from St. Paul School in Norwalk, Ohio. Each of these coaches won between 301 and 302 games.