The best football mouthguard is the most essential piece of equipment for a player. You know that football is a thrilling and attractive sport. But it has some risk for a player any time a player gets hit on any part of the Body. The face is an essential and sensitive part of the body. For that, the player needs a mouth guard to protect their face. It is not only for gum or teeth. It also covers your full face.

Nowadays you can see many kinds of mouthguards in the market. But you can’t select which is best for you. And Which quality is best? So we will sort the article with all of your expected answers. So that it can help you to find out the best football mouthguard. Here you get info such as

  • Face protector
  • Comfortable to use
  • Factor consideration
  • Shock absorption

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Best football mouthguards with features

1. Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard 

Key Features

  • Triple-layer
  • Heavy-duty design
  • BPA-free and safe
  • Gel fit liner technology 

This mouthguard is a quality full and the best football mouthguard. On Amazon, it has a 7000+ 5-star rating. There are many reasons for the best seller. The Shock Doctor Gel mouth guard protects your jaws. As well as teeth from all sides. If any hit comes from all sides it can protect your teeth. You can use it without a strap. There is no risk of falling without a strap. Due to fit you can pass the breath easily. 


    • Provides comfort
    •  and excellent protection. 
    • Available strap/ not.
    • It is easy to fit.
    • Good for extended use
    • Available in 17 different colours
    • Flavoured and unflavored options
    • 20% expansion upon moulding


  • Difficult to clean. 

2. Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard 

Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard

Key Features

  • largest breathing hole
  • Easy to install
  • unique nozzle designed
  • 5K dental warranty, 
  • money-back guarantee
  • no pulling options

The second best mouthguard is Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard. It is an advanced composite mouthguard. It also properly protects your lips, teeth and mouth. It has a large breathing hole. As well as with a unique nozzle design. As a result, you can breathe freely. It offers you a 5k tooth warranty. The battle Oxygen Lip Protector increases your endurance and performance by covering every inch of the mouth. It is easy to wear and comfortable.


    • Ensure oral safety.
    • Maximum breathing.
    • One size fits all.
    • Available in 11 sizes
    • Made of durable material
    • Available in around 12 excellent colours


  • Not suitable for adults.

3. Under Armour Mouthguards

Under Armour Mouthguards

Key Features

  • Integrated bite pad
  • Extended lip guard
  • Low-profile design

The under-armour mouthguard is one of the most popular pieces and the best football mouthguard.. It is a reliable brand also. It provides the best feedback of your mouth without streaking your lips out. It uses upgraded technology. Which reduces your lips injury as well as prevents inflammation of your lips. For this reason, it is a favourite of all. It is suitable not only for football but also for all sports. The under-armour football mouth guard can give you the best protection of your mouth during the game.


  • Be resistant to chewing.
  • Slim design ensures comfort
  • It is very light
  • It is easy to remove.
  • different sizes and colours.
  • Protects braces 
  • Comfortable fit 
  • no need to boil


  • No lip protection.

4. Loudmouth Football Mouth Guard

 Loudmouth Football Mouth Guard

Key Features

  • largest breathing hole
  • Easy to install
  • unique nozzle designed
  • 5K dental warranty, 
  • money-back guarantee
  • no pulling options

It is another popular mouthguard. The loudmouth best football mouthguard is well known by all for its best quality, comfort and style. It does not have any harmful elements and consists of 100% medical silicone. There is no risk of colour fading. It has a big breathing part. So that players can easily intake enough oxygen during play. There is no hassle for installation. Because it is ready for use. Just unbox and put it on. The loudmouth mouthguard provides excellent protection for your jaw, lips and teeth. For attaching the mouth guard to the helmet, it has removable straps. If you want, you can easily attach the loudmouth football mouthguard to your helmet.


    • Comfortable 
    • better lip protectors
    • Maximum airflow options
    • easy breathing system
    • Fit perfectly.
    • unique design.
    • Easy to use.
    • $5000 rental warranty.


  • Not suitable for children.

5. SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard Slim Fit (Adults, and Junior Mouth Guard)

SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard Slim Fit

Key Features

  • Fluid fit technology
  • Ultra-slim yet strong gum shields 
  • Jaw Secure gel base design
  • Suitable for Adults and Junior

The SAFEJAWZ best football mouthguard offers you the best comfortable fit and optimal protection. It is one of the most popular mouthguards and has effective prices in markets. The fluid fitTM technology and super slim profile provide excellent comfort and protection. It mainly sticks to your teeth. For that, you can easily intake oxygen. As well as you can talk and drink while wearing it. The built-in socket and raised plate work as a cushion. As a result, it can prevent damage to your jaw. You can use the Awesome mouth guard also for basketball, boxing, hockey etc. Actually, it is a terrific mouthguard. 


    • Durable 
    • Excellent shock absorption
    • Perfect fit.
    • Awesome design.
    • Optimal dental protection.
    • Very comfortable.
    • 8 colours are available.


  • Not enough instructions for moulding time

6. Nxtrend One Mouth Guard 

Best Football Mouth Guard

Key Features

  • With robust absorption capabilities 
  • makeshift style 
  • has extra padding 
  • Suitable for All Sports
  • Available in a variety of colour
  • It provides the perfect assist during play.

The Nxtrnd’s one-mouth guard consists of industry-grade polymer. This material is so soft and durable. For this reason, it is one of the best football mouthguards. Which protects your lips and the inside part of your mouth. It is usually used for adults. With the ultra-thin design, you can easily talk and drink. As well as smooth airflow. There is a 6mm reinforced thermoplastic shell, Which protects your teeth and lips from damage. Overall the activity of the ONE guard is perfect for all kinds of sports. 


    • With two football straps 
    • Gum-friendly mould
    • Offers of warranty
    • Ultra-thin.
    • Very comfortable.
    • Suitable for all sports.
    • Trusted by experts.
    • 11 different colours are available. 


  • It has a falling risk during play.

Why do football players use a mouthguard? 

According to a literature review that was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2009. Athletes who do not wear mouthguards are more likely to sustain serious injuries than athletes who do.

Football players’ Mouthguards are mainly used to protect the face. Such as teeth from cracks, and breaks. Direct impact on the face protection of their lips and cheeks.

The mouthguard functions as a safeguard. It decreases influence stacks and forestalls jaw wounds like breaks. A messed up, torn, or lost tooth is simply easy to fix yet additionally excruciating. For that every 

 Players utilising only one protective cover is preferable.

A mouthguard is too important for players who wear braces. Which is too sharp, So anytime there can cause cuts to lips. For this maximum protection, football players use the mouth guard. 

How Football Mouth Guards Can Prevent Harsh Lacerations

It is out of thinking about what will be done. But it is possible to reduce the risk of injury. If a player uses mouthguards. It helps him to protect against many unwarranted hits. When you run, focus on your teammates. Then the opposite team member can accidentally hit your face. At this time, anybody can refer you for treatment in the hospital. Which prevents you from Playing for a long time. 

But in this case, if you use a mouth guard. You can avoid this type of situation. So, Without the best football mouthguard, competitors can experience it seriously. including gashes, jaw separations, tooth cracks, and horrendous lip tears. So, by using the best football mouthguard, you can be free from the excruciating pain.

How Types of Football Mouthguards

Recently there are many kinds of mouthguards available in the market. Such as:

  1.  Attached mouthguards: These mouthguards are attached to the helmets. For this reason, it completely protects the Player all over the face. It is not so Stylish but has a unique advantage.
  2. Detached mouthguards: These mouthguards are so helpful. It has a variety of designs. Which can sort into 3 kinds.

Stock mouthguard: The stock mouthguard is ready to use. It consists of a copolymer of vinyl acetate and polyvinyl chloride or polyurethanes. If you want minimal protection. you can use it. It is proper for intense sports.

Mouths formed mouthguards: The other name of these mouthguards is boiled and bite mouth guard. It’s covered by a thermoplastic rim. To soften its boil it in hot water. Then it’s placed into the mouth for a bit. The boil mouthguard is better than the stock mouthguard. 

Custom-made mouthguards: The mouth guard is made by a Dental laboratory by a dentist. To make it, you need a specific measurement of your teeth and gums. It is also made from heated thermoplastic materials. It is more protective than the others. 

Best Football Mouthpieces Buying Guide

Before buying The best football mouthguard. You should consider some important matters. Including:

Quality: Quality is always the first considerable matter of all things. The mouthpiece is not out of them. Only a high-quality mouth guard can protect your teeth, jaw and lips from any damage. 

Brand: Brand is a crucial factor. Because the best brand can give an original product. There are many reliable and best brands in the market for Sports equipment. Such as Shock Doctor, Under Armour, NXtrend etc.

Comfortable: The best mouthguard is always comfortable. As well as fit properly. You can’t wear it and Don’t feel better if it is not comfortable. 

Interior: The interior part of a mouth guard is important. Because this part will sit in your mouth for a long time. Which contact with your teeth directly. 

Right size: You can not properly fit this mouthpiece if it is not an accurate size. If you fail to select the right size. It can cause pain and damage to your gum and teeth.

Airflow: It is most important to ensure proper airflow. When you play, it can obstruct your breathing. For that, you Should select a proper mouthguard. Which is able to intake and exhale oxygen easily. 

Materials: You should buy a mouth guard,  which materials are not toxic. You should ensure that your selected mouthpiece is out of latex, phthalates/BPA. These materials can cause allergic reactions.

 How to take care of a Football Mouth Guards

If you want to keep your mouthpiece free from bacterial infections. You should take care of it. Within a few minutes, you can clean your mouth guard easily. For cleaning the mouth guard,  you can use a special cleaning brush or a toothbrush. Then you need any kind of soap, hand-wash or antibacterial soap. Make a lather composition with warm water and soap. Then smoothly scrub the mouthpiece with a brush. So that it can reach the pocket and plaque. Now rinse with fresh warm water and ensure that there is no soap residue. After that, You should put your best football mouth guard on its dedicated box. Now it is completely ready for next use.

Advantages of using  a Football Mouth Guard

The following are a couple of advantages of wearing mouthguards:

  • By acting as a buffer, they prevent bruising and laceration upon impact.
  • prevents tooth fractures and dislocation.
  • Opposite teeth are protected by seismic contact.
  • Shock-retaining mouthguards lessen neurologic injury risk.
  • ensures that the player is properly protected.
  • Reduce the risk of tooth damage

Conclusions: Sometimes an injury can severe to life-threatening during the game. So the best football mouthguard is the most important piece of equipment. It can protect you from many serious damage.  Including teeth, gums and prevent jaw-related injuries. Hopefully, all the information will be helpful for you about the mouth guard. 


Q: What is the price of the cheapest mouthguard?

A: The minimum price of the cheapest mouthguard is around $10.

Q: How necessary is a detachable strap?

A: It is not mandatory but comes in handy. 

Q: Will a mouthguard avoid a concussion for me? 

A: No. While playing, concussions cannot be completely prevented by a mouthguard.

Q: How frequently should I change the mouthguard?

A: Actually, It depends on the quality. But generally, it needs to change after 6 months. 


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