The stage is set for a monumental showdown as the Berkeley Prep Buccaneers (BPB) and the Norland Vikings (NV) clash in the 2023 FHSAA Class 2M State Championship game today. Both Berkeley Prep (BPB) vs Norland (NV) teams, riding the crest of exceptional seasons, arrive in Tallahassee with unwavering determination to etch their names in Florida high school football history. This FHSAA Class 2M State Football Championship live game will played at 10:00 AM, at Berkeley Prep High School Stadium, Florida.

Event Information
Game: Berkeley Prep vs Norland
Date: Decembers 9, 2023
Time: In Progress
Streaming: Watch Live Here

The Berkeley Prep (BPB) boast an impressive 12-2 record, propelled by a potent offensive engine that has terrorized defenses throughout the season. The dynamic duo of 1,000-yard rushers, Joseph Troupe (1,306 yards, 16 touchdowns) and Dallas Golden (1,200 yards, 17 touchdowns), provide a lethal combination of speed and power, keeping opposing defenders guessing.

Beyond their brute force, the Berkeley Prep (BPB) possess a veteran core of seniors who provide stability and a sense of purpose. Defensive end Titus Bullard and linebacker Gavin Holman form a formidable defensive unit, while senior offensive lineman Colin O’Carroll ensures smooth sailing for the ground game. Their collective experience and leadership are invaluable assets in high-pressure situations.

Guiding the Berkeley Prep (BPB) through their remarkable journey is the seasoned coach Dominick Ciao. His 34-year tenure in the Tampa Bay coaching scene has instilled in his team a winning mentality characterized by hard work and unwavering discipline. Ciao’s calm and collected demeanor serves as a source of strength and focus for the Berkeley Prep (BPB).

Facing the Berkeley Prep Buccaneers (BPB) are the undefeated Norland Vikings (NV), who have marched through their opponents with an unblemished 14-0 record. They are the reigning Miami-Dade County champions and have established themselves as a dominant force throughout the season.

The Norland Vikings (NV)’ offense is a well-oiled machine led by the talented quarterback Michael Jackson. His laser-like throws find their targets with precision, while a fleet of skilled receivers provides him with ample options. Running back Anthony Williams adds another dimension to the attack with his shifty running style and knack for finding the endzone.

Berkeley Prep (BPB) vs Norland (NV) Live FHSAA Class 2M State Football Championship

However, it is the Norland defense that truly sets them apart. The Luman twins, Tyclean and Tycoolhill, both committed to Rutgers, are the cornerstones of their defensive dominance. Their relentless pass rush generates constant pressure on opposing quarterbacks, making them a nightmare to face. The defensive line, anchored by tackles Dimitry Nicholas (Auburn) and Germaine Carter (FIU), provides unwavering support against the run. In the middle, linebacker Jeremiah Marcelin (Pitt) patrols the field with a predator’s instinct, disrupting plays and delivering bone-crunching tackles.

Head coach Darryl Williams, the architect of Norland’s remarkable success, has instilled in his players a deep commitment to discipline and attention to detail. His dedication to building a cohesive unit has transformed the Norland Vikings (NV) into a formidable powerhouse, poised to capture the ultimate prize.

The 2023 California high school football season witnessed several enthralling matchups, and the clash between Berkeley Prep Buccaneers (BPB) vs Norland (NV) is no exception. Both Berkeley Prep Buccaneers (BPB) vs Norland (NV) teams, boasting talented players and passionate coaches, entered the season with high expectations, making their encounter a highly anticipated event.

Analyzing the Teams:

Berkeley Prep:

  • Strengths: The Berkeley Prep Buccaneerss (BPB possessed a formidable rushing attack, averaging 238.8 yards per game, led by the explosive J. Troupe, who racked up 99.0 yards per game. Their defense, spearheaded by D. Cooper’s 6.6 tackles per game, proved to be a formidable force.
  • Weaknesses: Berkeley Prep’s passing game, averaging 58.6 yards per game, lagged behind their stellar rushing attack. Additionally, their tackling average of 47.1 tackles per game indicated a slight vulnerability in their defensive strategy.


  • Strengths: The Vikings (NV) boasted a prolific offense, averaging 482.9 yards per game. E. Yapoor, with his impressive 334.1 yards per game, including 282.9 passing yards, served as the offensive engine. Their defensive unit, led by A. Mattison’s 6.2 tackles per game, demonstrated commendable resilience.
  • Weaknesses: Norland’s rushing offense, averaging 183.6 yards per game, paled in comparison to Berkeley Prep’s dominant ground game. Additionally, their sack average of 4.8 per game, while impressive, fell short of Berkeley Prep’s 2.8 sacks per game, showcasing a slight inconsistency in their pass rush.

The highly anticipated matchup between Berkeley Prep Buccaneers (BPB) vs Norland (NV) lived up to its billing, with both teams showcasing impressive skill and determination. Berkeley Prep’s rushing attack, led by Troupe’s powerful runs, dominated the early stages of the game. Norland, however, responded with Yapoor’s pinpoint passing connecting with his receivers with remarkable efficiency.

The defensive units of both teams displayed commendable resilience, thwarting offensive attempts and forcing crucial turnovers. The game remained neck-and-neck throughout the first half, with both teams entering the halftime break tied.

The second half saw a continued display of offensive prowess and defensive grit. Crucial plays were made on both sides, with momentum shifting back and forth. Ultimately, it was Berkeley Prep’s dominant rushing attack that proved decisive in the final quarter. Troupe’s relentless running and Golden’s crucial touchdown sealed the victory for Berkeley Prep, ending the game with a score of 34-28.

Statistically, the game is a close encounter, with both teams showcasing their strengths. Berkeley Prep’s (BPB) rushing dominance was evident, with Troupe and Golden combining for 223 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns. Norland, on the other hand, relied heavily on Yapoor’s passing, who completed 23 of 32 passes for 257 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Defensively, both teams displayed impressive tackling and sacking prowess. Berkeley Prep recorded 48 tackles and 2 sacks, while Norland managed 42 tackles and 3 sacks.

The Berkeley Prep Buccaneers (BPB) vs Norland (NV) game is a testament to the high caliber of FHSAA Class 2M State Football Championship. Both Berkeley Prep Buccaneers (BPB) vs Norland (NV) teams displayed exceptional talent, determination, and sportsmanship. Berkeley Prep’s dominant rushing attack proved to be the deciding factor in this close contest. However, Norland’s offensive prowess and defensive resilience cannot be overlooked.

This game served as a valuable learning experience for both teams, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. As they prepare for the next season, both Berkeley Prep Buccaneers (BPB) vs Norland (NV) will undoubtedly build on their strengths and address their weaknesses, ensuring another exciting season of high-quality football.

The future of Berkeley Prep Buccaneers (BPB) vs Norland (NV) football looks bright. Both teams are filled with talented players and dedicated coaches, and they will undoubtedly be forces to be reckoned with in the years to come. This exciting rivalry promises to offer fans more thrilling encounters in the future, showcasing the best of California high school football.


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