The newest list of the best high school football teams in Arizona has a few changes. Chandler and Hamilton teams moved around – now Chandler is fourth and Hamilton is fifth. Also, Casteel and Pinnacle teams switched spots, so Casteel is seventh and Pinnacle is eighth.

The most important thing from the weekend was when the third-ranked team, Liberty, won a big game against Hamilton. They scored a lot of points – 56 – and that was really impressive. Because of that, Hamilton went down to fifth place this week. The game was a special event called the Fiesta Bowl Friday Night Showdown.

Top 10 High School Football America Arizona 

Ranking/NameRecordPreseason Ranking
No. 1 Basha(1-0)1
No. 2 Saguaro(1-0)2
No. 3 Liberty(1-0)3
No. 4 Chandler(1-0)5
No. 5 Hamilton(0-1)4
No. 6 Highland(1-0)6
No. 7 Casteel(1-0)8
No. 8 Pinnacle(1-0)7
No. 9 American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)(0-1)9
No. 10 Centennial(1-0)10

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